Selenium Tutorials

Selenium Tutorials provides complete selenium IDE,selenium RC,selenium webdriver tutorials with real time examples.Selenium is very easy to understand and easy to code in Eclipse tool where we need to focus on Java OOPS concepts , Selenium Basic commands which will useful in verification points such as Verify ,Assert commands for verification points in Test scripts.

Selenium Tutorials

In this Selenium Tutorial's ,you will learn below mention topics
  • Selenium IDE.
  • Selenium RC.
  • Selenium WebDriver.
  • Selenium Grid.
  • Selenium Real Time Examples.
  • Selenium WebDriver Scripts.
  • Selenium Frameworks.
  • Java Concepts for Selenium.
  • TestNG framework.
  • Maven Framework.

Please follow my Selenium Tutorial's concepts you will get real time knowledge on Selenium so that you can easily prepare any kind of Frameworks.Latest Selenium Version is 3.0 beta version in this version you have to use GeckoDriver to open Firefox browser same like as Chrome driver to open Google Chrome , IEDriver to open Internet Explorer browser.

Selenium WebDriver Concepts

Selenium WebDriver Installation

Selenium Introduction
Install Selenium
Sample webdriver script
Selenium Limitations

Selenium Java Basics

Java OOPS concepts
Class and Object
Naming Convention
Java Modifiers
Java Operators
Loop controls
Java Decision Making
Method Overloading
Java Keywords
Java Polymorphism
Abstract Class
Dynamic Binding
Access Modifiers
Wrapper Class
Object Cloning
Java Arrarys
Java Regular Expressions
Java Exceptions
Java Files handling(IO)

WebDriver simple Scripts

Execute Tests in Firefox Browser
Execute Tests in Google Chrome Browser

Selenium WebDriver Locators

Firefox Firebug
Tips to get xpath in IE
Selenium Locators(ID,Name,LinkText,Xpath,CSS Locators)
Selenium CSS Locators.

TestNG Framework

Introduction to TestNG
Install TestNG
TestNG Annotations
TestNG Execution flow
Test annotation methods(@Test)
testng xml file
TestNG Groups
Parameterization Testing with TestNG
Dataprovider and methods
TestNG example to execute multiple tests
Run tests in multiple browsers.

Database Testing using Selenium WebDriver

Selenium Frameworks

Datadriven Framework
Keyword Driven Framework
Hybrid framework

Create object repository file

Maven Concepts

Maven Introduction
Maven Installation
Create Maven projects
Execute multiple Test cases

Selenium WebDriver Scripts:

Verify element is enable in Selenium
Read Data From properties file using Selenium
Launch Firefox Browser using GeckoDriver
Selenium-Testng examples to execute multiple classes
Selenium WebDriver Methods
Generate HTML Reports using Selenium

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